RTR have come up with some innovative  ideas over the years  and our customers have benefit with increased output and reduction of overhead because of it.

Some of our customers are sensitive to share with the outside world with what we have come up with, but to give you an idea of the types of product:

  • Automated glue applicators.
  • Automated drilling machines.
  • Tool and Die systems.
  • Semi Automated assembly lines.
  • Door press machines.
  • Tilting assembly tables.Glass insertion tables. 


RTR have been actively involved in this area, we are often approached to come up with some way of making a labour intensive task made easier.

The RTR team take pride in their work and love a challenge,  whether it is simple punch or automated drilling machine it doesn't matter. If it needs to be fully automated or semi automated we have the experience to be able to come up with what the customer needs.

We will guarantee our workmanship and quality.